On-line ticket sales now available !

Sales points are now open : Fnac, Carrefour, France Billet and Chamonix Tourist Office

In order to avoid any scams, we draw the attention of our festival-goers to certain fraudulent sites such as Viagogo or TicketBis, which are not authorized to sell tickets for the Musilac festival.
These sites engage in illicit resale of tickets at inexact and excessive rates (if indeed they send tickets, which is not always the case).
We therefore advise festival-goers to buy their ticket on the festival site or through traditional ticketing channels, as well as on the partner sites of Musilac (ex: Chamonix Valley tourist offices).

Billetterie Weezevent

Tickets cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded in the event of theft or loss.

Please note: A 3 or 4 day pass is transferable prior to the festival up until the first day indicated on the pass

However it is not possible to give your pass to a third party from one day to the next (for example: you attend the first day of the festival then you give your pass to a member of your family so that they may participate the following days). Once scanned, a wristband will be sealed on the wrist of the person presenting the ticket, and the ticket will act as an entry to the site for the entire event (depending on the length of time shown on the presented pass, bracelet valid for 3 or 4 days).
Tickets can only be reimbursed in case of cancellation of the Event and by decision of the Organizer.
Tickets are coded and equipped with a unique flash code that allows you to access the Event.


Only one person can access the Event with a Ticket. The ticket is transferable even if it bears your name (ex: gift, last minute impossibility to attend the event). However, in case of loss, theft or duplication of a valid Ticket, only the first person in possession of the Ticket will be able to access the Event. You remain responsible for the use of your Ticket.


Law n ° 2012-348 of March 12, 2012 protects spectators against the resale of tickets by any company or person not authorized by the producer of the spectacle. In application of this law (Article 313-6-2 of the Penal Code), it is forbidden to resell performance tickets without the express authorization of the producer of the show.

Failure to comply with Article 313-6-2 of the Penal Code is punishable by a € 15,000 fine. This penalty is raised to 30 000 € fine in case of recidivism.

Do not buy tickets from someone who can not guarantee that they have the approval of the producer of the show. Otherwise, you may find yourself without recourse if the tickets are not issued to you or if the tickets issued do not give you access to the show.

The name of the producer appears on each ticket issued. Contact the organisers or consult the website.

Programme OFF Festival

Thursday April 19th

DJ SET 21h - 2h

Maison des Artistes

Friday April 20th

Tailleurs2Costards 13h

Brev'Bar (Planpraz)

Olybird 21h

Maison des Artistes

La Famiglia Rubinetti 22h30

La Yaute Café Argentière

Saturday April 21st

Hot Savoy Live Band 12h - 15h

Hôtel Mercure Centre

Nadejda 12h - 15h

Restaurant des Planards

Olybird 21h

Maison des Artistes

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