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Monday 05th February 2018

...against fraudulent ticket offices.

These last years, the illicit resale of show tickets via certain internet platforms have increased. This illegal practice harms the public, the artists and the entertainers. Buying on these specific websites involves risks and especially the risk to not being able to attend the show! In France, the article n°313.6.3 voted on the 12th of March 2012 of the penal code forbids the resale of show tickets without the authorisation of the show producer. This article is an essential first stage because it permits to punish the resalers. However, these platforms are well organised and hard to track. Other actions and means are being deployed: The PRODISS invites the artists, entertainers, fans, and more widely all the stakeholders to join #FanPasGogo. Together, we can end the illicit resale of show tickets.

The Guide (PDF in french)

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Programme OFF Festival

Thursday April 19th

DJ SET 21h - 2h

Maison des Artistes

Friday April 20th

Tailleurs2Costards 13h

Brev'Bar (Planpraz)

Olybird 21h

Maison des Artistes

La Famiglia Rubinetti 22h30

La Yaute Café Argentière

Saturday April 21st

Hot Savoy Live Band 12h - 15h

Hôtel Mercure Centre

Nadejda 12h - 15h

Restaurant des Planards

Olybird 21h

Maison des Artistes

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