After a succesful first experience last year, we have decided to continue with the electronic payment (Cashless).

Thanks to the bracelet MoneyCham and the app LyfPay, you can pay everything cashless at the festival. The payment by cash or credit card won’t be accepted on site.

Some improvments have been made :

  1. At the end of the festival, everyone will be refund automatically (even those who don’t ask for it) with the amount of money remaining on the bracelet (MoneyCham in Chamonix and MoneyLac in Aix-les-Bains).
  2. When you create your account online, you have the possibility to activate the Auto-refile option. Whenever your account is credited with less than 10€, this option will automatically reload it with 20€ (in the limit of 100€ / 5 times in a row). Thanks to this option, you won’t have to go to a bank or to do it online.

Otherwise, nothing has changed but you can find all information here :


Présentation des 2 moyens de paiement :




Programme OFF Festival

Thursday April 19th

DJ SET 21h - 2h

Maison des Artistes

Friday April 20th

Tailleurs2Costards 13h

Brev'Bar (Planpraz)

Olybird 21h

Maison des Artistes

La Famiglia Rubinetti 22h30

La Yaute Café Argentière

Saturday April 21st

Hot Savoy Live Band 12h - 15h

Hôtel Mercure Centre

Nadejda 12h - 15h

Restaurant des Planards

Olybird 21h

Maison des Artistes

Télécharger le Guide du festival format .PDF 2,7mo